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Frequently Asked Questions
My Transplant Place [MTP] was designed to function on all new browsers including those on your mobile phone. MTP has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10. MTP will work with older browsers, however, functionality may be limited. If you have further questions, select click here to connect with us via email.
​In your Account Settings, you can select more than one option when choosing your organ, doctor or transplant coordinator. ​You'll see and (i) button next the applicable fields. When you are finished selecting, close the dropdown menu by clicking anywhere outside the dropdown box area. If you click on the same option twice, the option will be deselected.
Once you are ​a Register User on MTP, we recommend that you update your Account Settings periodically to keep your profile information up-to-date.
If you ​did not receive an MTP activation email​​, you can ​choose​ to activate your account by phone (SMS). Follow directions on​ Login​ screen to verify your email address/password combination and enter a phone number​ ​(US only) to receive an activation code via email (Carrier charges for text messaging will apply). MTP allows you to reset your password via Text Messaging. If you have forgotten your password and you never entered your phone number in the system, you can try resetting via email, or use the Feedback page to contact us directly. If you validated your account via text message, or updated your account to include your phone number, you will be able to reset your password via Text Messaging as well.
If ​you are experiencing problems we haven’t ​addressed, please contact us directly by ​selecting the “click here” button on this page​ and tell us what your ​problem is.​ We look forward to supporting you.